Kavatch … a new perspective to security

Kavatch is a sanskrit word which means Defense. In literal sense, it is the protective covering worn when one goes to war. Building a good kavatch was one of the domains during the kingly rule a few hundred years ago. Innovativeness in the defense provided to oneself was also seen during those days, as can be seen by the Myrmidons of the ancient Green mythology, who created a shield for themselves combining the individual shield which each person carried.

Things aren’t any different now, just a new perspective. With the invention/discoveries of new gadgets and the shift from power of lands to the power of knowledge, the protective covering has also changed. Previously, it was the land which the kings controlled and secured using Pawns and Scouts, huge and powerful buildings and walls to protect the city from external attacks and the Priests to educate the citizens of the city to be loyal to their rulers. They practiced what we call Network Security nowadays, securing their assets from the outside, through (fire?) walls/buildings/scouts/pawns/archers/etc, and internally keeping the employees (citizens) happy. What more, they even had anti-spyware who were always ready to catch spies from a different kingdom! In the current age, it is the information which is being secured from other businesses which would gain millions (yeah?!) once they get their hands on it. Nothing different!

Mapping all this to the current era, we see that the trio of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability is also maintained. The CEO of the kingdoms were always thinking of new ways for Cryptography, Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery, Access Control, Physical Security, Trainings and Awareness Camps and who knows, even Risk Management! All we have done is picked up the age old concepts, digitized it, patented it and marketed it as if it is the best product Man (or any other animal) could ever have thought of, continuing the legacy of the age old concept of “Copy-Paste“.

Through this blog we intend to, apart from continuing the legacy, identify innovative approaches to securing the business, share our experiences with the defensive as well as the offensive domains of security, create a platform for serious discussion to improve the security architecture of a business and clear the myths surrounding the security world.

For all this, we look forward to your, as Achilles, contribution, without which even the Myrmidons were helpless.


5 Responses to “Kavatch … a new perspective to security”

  1. Kshitij Shah Says:

    Hey, nice initiative again. I request you to write a full feature series on how to setup a fully secure apache/iis web server with security as the main focus. Yes, I know a there are a lot of tutorials out there but then none of then explain why doing a particular step is important from the security point of view. Also including more services like WebDAV and SSH access increases vulnerabilities, I guess so. Please clear the air on it, if possible.

  2. Kaizer1v Says:

    Nice “Initiative”. Good luck.

  3. Nitin Bhatnagar Says:

    Good one..all the best

  4. Darshan Says:

    Good Read – looking forward to more posts 🙂

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